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Must Have Apps for WWDC

Heading to San Jose for WWDC19? Aside from the official WWDC app, there are a ton of other apps that will help you make the most out of your week in sunny California. These are a few of my favorite in no particular order:

Parties/Meetup Apps


Wondering where everyone is at? Basically the equivalent of the Marauders map from Harry Potter, ConfFriends shows the location of everyone who’s opted into showing where they are during the conference. Andrew Yates has done an awesome job with this reincarnation of from the past couple of years adding options like searching, the ability to set a privacy zone and many other niceties.

Parties and DubDub+

WWDC after dark is filled with a variety of live podcasts, benefit concerts, networking events, and yummy dinners. Check out these apps if you want in on the action! It’s also a good way to catch up with attendees from other conferences in the area.

Coffee Coffee Coffee

More of a morning person than a late night partier? Got you covered there too. Meet up with fellow caffeine addicts every day of WWDC week at Chromatic Cafe. In the words of one of their App Store reviewers, “now [you] don’t need to drink coffee alone ☕️.”

Getting Around

Lime or Bird Scooters

Looking for a fun and easy way to get around downtown San Jose? Scooters are the right thing for you! It’s relatively inexpensive and mildly exhilarating to scoot your way around the city on these electric scooters. Lime also has e-bikes too if scooters aren’t your thing.

Promo codes for free rides:
Lime: R4W4LVS

Conference Websites

One of the best parts about WWDC week is that it’s not just about WWDC. If you weren’t lucky enough to get a golden ticket, no worries! There are lots of other amazing events are happening throughout the week including these 3 conferences (I’d recommend saving these conference schedules as a homepage bookmark on your phone):


Also known as the “alternative Apple developer conference,” AltConf is a two-track event with lots of great speakers, panels and podcast events. New this year, AltConf is also offering a labs schedule for those who want to get their hands dirty with stuff like Core Data or server-side Swift during the week.

Note: there is an official AltConf app, but it hasn’t been updated yet at the time of this writing.

try! Swift San Jose

Back again is NatashaTheRobot‘s try! Swift San Jose. Join her and an army of mentors for your chance to contribute to Swift. Even if you have no experience, don’t worry. By the end of the day, you’ll be able to walk away knowing exactly how to contribute to Swift’s open source project.


I’ve only heard stellar things about this Apple design community conference. There are no published talk descriptions, but the lineup includes some really interesting folks from a wide variety of backgrounds. Definitely sounds like you won’t regret a thing attending.

Can’t make it to San Jose this year? I’ll be tweeting and posting stories from WWDC and AltConf so follow me on Twitter or Instagram to check out the action!

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