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Kristina at NSSpain 2018

I’m always looking for more opportunities to speak! Contact me if you’re interested. Please include these details:

  • Where and when the conference/event is
  • What expenses are covered and/or a stipend is paid
  • How long the time slot for the talk/panel is
  • What topic you would like me to cover (or if it’s my choice)
  • A link to your code of conduct

My speaking topics include (but aren’t limited to):

  • watchOS development
  • iOS development
  • Mobile design systems/Reusable UI components
  • Technical writing
  • Personal/team/career development


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Internationalizing Your App
Berlin, Germany, May 2019

Building a Mobile Design System
try! Swift Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan, March 2019

Xcode Survival Guide
Developer Week SF
Oakland, CA, February 2019

Xcode Survival Guide

Intuit Girl Geek Dinner 2019
Girl Geek X
Mountain View, CA, October 2019


Customer-Controlled Point-of-Sale on a Mobile Device

A method to purchase a product by a user in a retail store. The method steps include obtaining a reference of the retail store using a mobile device of the user, accessing a product database for the retail store based on the reference of the retail store, obtaining, in the retail store, a product identifier of the product using the mobile device, retrieving product information from the product database based on the product identifier, and displaying the product information on the mobile device.

Declarative web application development:  encapsulating dynamic JavaScript widgets

The development of modern, highly interactive AJAX Web applications that enable dynamic visualization of data requires writing a great deal of tedious “plumbing code” to interface data between browser-based DOM and AJAX components, the application server, and the SQL database. Worse, each of these layers utilizes a different language. In contrast to conventional Web application development approaches, a FORWARD application involves only two languages, both declarative: an extended version of SQL, and an XML-based language for configuration and orchestration. The framework automatically handles efficient exchange of user input and changes to the underlying data, and updates the application state accordingly.

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